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» K355M-6
K355M-6 60Hz 50Hz
Low Voltage 3-Phase Cast Iron
 Series: K • Frame: 355M • 6 Poles/990 RPM • 160.00kW/220.00hp • Mounting: V1 • Cast Iron Motor
ManufacturerValiadis SA
FamilyK Series
Family / FrameK355M
Rated / Power160.00 kW / 220.00 hp
Speed990 RPM
Voltage / Connection400-Δ/690-Y
Frequency50 Hz
Enclosure IP55
Full load current276.72 A / 159.77 A
No load current86.34
Insulation classF
Temperature rise73.2
Cable entriesM72x1,5
Comment3x PTC 150 °C
FeatureCast Iron Motor

Power factor0.880.820.730.58
Sound pressure level (1m)85 dB(A)
Resistance R0.027 Ω
Resistance of phase to phase0.018 Ω
Moment of inertia8.8500
Locked rotor torque / full load torque2.90
Star delta torque / full load torque0.91
Pull up torque / full load torque1.89
Star delta pull up torque / full load torque0.59
Pull out torque / full load torque2.98
Star delta pull out torque / full load torque0.93
Locked rotor current / full load current6.30
Star delta locked current / full load current1.97
Bearing DE6322C3 OR NU322
Bearing NDE7322

Warranty12-18 months

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