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Support and Repairs

For high voltage, low voltage and DC motors







Our Company has an organized repair unit, the unique in Greece certified with ISO 9001. We undertake the repair of any kind of motors (AC and DC). We have also developed a repair unit specialized in High Voltage Motors. In this respect, expertise engineers of our Company attended relevant seminars abroad. The HV Electric Motors repaired in our factory, are many years in operation with excellent results.




  • diagnostic tests and measurements
  • preventive maintenance
  • repair
  • overhauling
  • modifications
  • upgrades








ISO 9001 certified, highly qualified specialists:

  • high pressure cleaning
  • components testing
  • coolers and flanges inspection
  • stator and rotor rewinding
  • vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)
  • final tests and measurements



All High Voltage AC stators repaired by our Company undergo strictly the following tests according to VDE 0530 and IEC-34 specifications:

  • Magnetic induction measurements on stator iron core to detect the existence of any hot spots. If any hot spots are detected then we proceed with their total elimination
  • Megger tests between phases and ground
  • Megger tests between phases
  • Dielectric strength tests by applying 2Un+1000 Volts for one minute between phases and ground
  • Polarisation Index and Absorption Factor Tests
  • Capacitance measurement on each phase
  • Dissipation factor losses (tangent delta)
  • Ohmic resistance on each phase
  • Routine tests after order, provided the whole motor is received



























  • The latest digital technologies to diagnose problems
  • Quick failure reports and responsive repair solutions
  • Up to 50% faster entry procedures and up to 70% quicker diagnosis procedures
  • Detailed records of all processes, faults, diagnoses, repair works and post-repair measurements
  • QR code inventory management




And get it done.




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