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LSIS Inverters
LSMV Series [3 phase 140-9,130kW]



Perfect Energy Saving MV Drive

  • Multi-level Pulse Width Modulation method More sinusoidal output wave form, no output filter required. Low input current THD, satisfies IEEE Standard
  • Compact Size MV VFD has designed an optimum inner panel through heat analysis; it promotes to get the most out of space
  • Energy Saving & High Efficiency MV VFD realizes high efficiency and high power factor more than 95% without any compensation tools. MV VFD realizes perfect energy saving VFD system without input/output filter
  • Redundant Cell Power Factor Control MV VFD has no extra charge for low power factor. MV VFD’s voltage regulation is advanced. MV VFD keeps High pwer factor with standard induction motor in all of the speed range. (More than 95%)
  • Built-in Cell Bypass In case of cell failure during operation, the fault cell is bypassed and the neutral point is shifted 83% of the rated voltage can be output after the failure of one cell. This function can be operated by automation and manual setting. MV VFD’s drag torque is constantly maintained when cell is bypassed
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