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Euromotori Explosion Proof Motors
MAK Series Motors


MAK series motors

Ex db, Ex db eb, IIB and IIC, II2G and II2GD, T3/T4/T5/T6

Our Explosion proof motors have been designed according to ATEX N. 94/9/CE that concerns the essential safety characteristics of equipments intended to be used in potentially atmospheres.
The suitability of our explosion proof motors, to the essential safety characteristics demanded by the ATEX, is shown by the CE certificate issued by the CESI, notified body N. 0722.

An explosion and flame proof motor Ex db, Ex db eb is a rotating machine which can work in an environment with the presence of gases and/or explosive or inflammable fumes without causing internal damage to the motor.

It is in fact:
Explosion-proof: its housing neither cracks nor explodes in case of an inward short circuit.
Flame-proof: it doesn’t allow the exit of gases and flame from the motor when the ambient temperature is critical.
Our explosion-proof motors Ex db, Ex db eb have been designed according to European standard Cenelec EN 60079-0:2006; EN 60079-1:2004; EN 61241-1:2004; EN 61241-0:2006 and for this reason they are suitable for hazardous areas as per EN 60079-10.14.17 standard.

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